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Now stand youthful edge

Le 30 September 2015, 04:54 dans Humeurs 0

Lost youth, has become a distant memory, it seems that never came, made me keep in mind, those happy days, going away from me, those painful feelings, but it became sustenance I miss. Youth, when you carries with it, it is worthless until it runs out, all have a meaning. Miss, we were digging wild scene when a child; I miss, we had a word for little hands hook with the feeling .

When I was young, I thought he was very young, because then wrinkles far away from us, so I felt his young advantage is to enjoy the time, such as the Pentium pony I ride in the green grass, Everything is so beautiful. Lost things in memory only once debauchery, once crazy, once ignorant, and now want to come, but also may serve as nostalgia thing in life, but as a drop of water drops falling, unable to retain all the good will soon disappear, We have indulgence, once crazy, but just to better memories.

Memorable is floating in the wind a piece of paper filled with words of love letters, heavy weight towed the people's heart. Still dream of a better, waiting for love, I do not read novels, I see people like the novel, dream heaven, love, Hawthorn ...... what is good, as long as the youth was dead; nothing is unforgettable, as long as the youth in passing. That he had not been, the original is a rare feeling, the feeling of experience leave, the vicissitudes of life, helpless. I can only lifted his foot, continued on our way.

In this world, no one can really identify with the pain of another person. Pain, I can have the number of youth, I can also have much time to fill their own future. Once for love and desperate struggle, just make yourself a little fragmented weakest, and finally understand, finally know I am proud of the youth left the capital just so I have enough reasons to black and blue.

Banyan trees to avoid the day, everywhere

Le 16 September 2015, 16:12 dans Humeurs 0

Growth in this area was suitable for banyan, banyan trees of varying ages, is widely distributed in the streets, in the field villages, their houses, parks, hills, bridges, shore, or even middle of the road, varied and uncommon. Side streets, highways, banyan trees as landscaping, complete straight upright, even dark green shade. Parks, streets, alleys, Whiskers spectacular.

Fuzhou, the provincial capital, in the mountains, Osan. Ping Shan Dingli, Baita, Uttar two towers to confrontation, surging Minjiang River running through the city. Banyan, for this unique pattern of Jiangnan Li town, adding to the charm. A century of big banyan tree with its stature Huarong decorate, to draw on the city's skyline graceful curves, with a huge and lush foliage of the people to create a cool, creating a unique space for the city.

The past few days, both by car from streets, roads shuttle or walk in the streets, either stay in the hotel, or sightseeing attractions, stature banyan tree, like a statue of Avalokitesvara almighty. Trying to stretch his own limbs, each destined guarding shield pedestrians. With a nice ring to cover the wind. Rain, blocks out the sun, take shade.

Banyan, big crown thick, lush foliage, evergreen branches aerial roots hanging on the old, strange things: a fine person, dangling swaying, like a woman's hair, like a tall silk curtain, elegant in to cover up the scenery; short. who, like the elderly beard, mixed in with a hearty reflects the wise; coarse who landed buried, the shape of the pillars, and foliage, the interpretation of the infinite reproduction of life. There are many banyan, shape, appearance, content, can not use words to describe the expression. Really fun, thought-provoking. Banyan tree, Pa squat can party on the water or the ground, but also to stand in the breeze in the cliffs or rock crevice. Adult banyan tree, up to two meters, with roofing momentum, prospects in the sky.Rooted in deep fertile soil, sun branch and blue sky reflect It is a vivid description of this feature.

Banyan tree, only to plunge into the deep root of this piece of river, harbor, rivers, ponds aspect of the southern land, and has to be integrated into their own culture and social life of people throughout the city were. Together with the environment created many rich implication of charm for this space.